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Our Geographical Area of Operations

AGHCO work is currently localized in Afghanistan countrywide and covers most provinces of the country, from a Geographical point of view targets communities with major number of poverty & vulnerable people and returnees, which have been affected by war, drought, poor economic condition and high rate of illiteracy, similarly such people also have poor health and environmental sanitation, lack of work opportunity, weak agricultural production and lack of potable water. The reason for such Geographic focus is because we have decades of experience in such field and are highly equipped to perform such task within given time in most efficient manner.

Kabul Shakardara, Bagrami, Dehsabz, Suraobi, Kabul Nahie 1,8,11
Logar Pole Alam
Ghazni Zanakhan, Malistan, Jaghato, Center,
Khost Aako, Gurboz, ZazeMedan, Ismael, Markaz, Babrak Tana, Yaqubi, Bak, Nadir shah kot, Tani,
Ghor Central of Chekhcheran
Paktia Gardiz, Zomat, Sayed Karam,
Paktika Sharan, Yousaf Khil, Yuosf Shah, YehyaKhil, Jani Khil, Kherkot, Sarobi, Gomal, Naka, Sarroza, Orgon Zerook
Nangarhar Opposite University Hospital. 1st Road, 2nd House, Jalalabad Afghanistan.
Kunar Narang, Asadabad, Merawar, Narri, Neglam, Peach, Sarkano, Khas Kunar
Laghman Center
Kandahar Center
Baghlan Puli Khumri Center,
Balkh Balkh,Shulgara,
Nooristan Nangaraj